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Cybersecurity Services

     Threat Intelligence     Defense In Depth     Key Management     SIEM and SIEM Analytics     Security Assessments     Anti-Virus

        Firewall     Vulnerability Management     Web Application Firewall     Identity and Access Management     DDoS Prevention   
       Penetration Testing     Encryption     Intrusion Detection and Prevention     Data Loss Prevention     Active Directory Security

Built-in Security Operations Center (SOC)

• Identity and Access Management (IAM)
• Redundant Firewalls with VPN
• Security Information Event Management (SIEM)      
• Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)
• DDoS prevention
• Web Application Firewall (WAF)

• Vulnerability scanning
• Patch management
• ZeroDay threat protection
• Data Loss Prevention
• File Encryption
• Secure File Transfer
• Hosted honeynets and honepots

CUClouds Security Partners

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CUClouds Software and Services

Best in class SaaS applications with built-in Cybersecurity under one roof means you don’t have to compromise compliance or security to get the solutions that fit your needs.

CUClouds Software and Services

• Cloud Email (Encryption, DLP, DMARC, SPF, SPAM filtering, Virus Filtering)
• Cloud PBX
• Audion / Video Conferencing 

• Backup (Server Data, Databases, Desktops, User Data)  
• File Server with full disk encryption
• Document Management and archiving (reports, statements, etc)
• Archive of file transfer documents (to/from credit bureaus, Federal reserve, BSA, FINCEN)

CUClouds Managed Services

• Cloud Infrastructure (AWS)

• Certified Compliance with Regulatory

• IT Business Continuity (mirror sites etc)

• Turnkey Documentation (Library of Policies and Procedures)

• Compliance Audits (Internal/External)

• Quality Systems

• Cloud Security management

CUClouds Managed Services

Cybersecurity services

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Change Management

Security Incident Management

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Managed Application Hosting

Bring your data and your apps to the Cloud and run them securely with built-in encryption, configuration management and regulatory compliance.

Managed Application Hosting

• Web Site Channel

• Online/Desktop Banking System Channel

• Mobile Banking System Channel

• Document Management and archiving (reports, statements, etc)

• Archive of file/document transmittal (to/from Credit Bureaus, Federal Reserve, BSA, FINCEN)

Service Bureau Integration

Keep your current service bureau or on-premise core banking system and directly connect them to our secure Cloud to give you the agility and freedom to expand your services and add new features.

CUClouds Hosted Core Banking

• Core Banking System (Under evaluation for Cloud readiness)

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Managed Desktops

Desktop as a service

Secure Thin clients connecting to Secure Cloud Desktops in a Secure Walled Garden