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Experience Matters

CUClouds was launched to help Credit Unions achieve operational excellence and compliance on the cloud.  With over 10 years of Cloud experience, our innovative platform, dedicated engineers, and decades of traditional IT experience combine to enable our Credit Union members success across every stage of the cloud migration.  Credit Unions rely on our compliance expertise to help them scale securely, automate compliance and realize efficiencies in AWS clouds.

Our mission is to help Credit Unions protect and defend their data and systems from Cybersecurity threats by leveraging the Cloud. CUClouds strives to deliver IT services to Credit Unions from a compliance ready Cloud with built-in cybersecurity and to alleviate the need for Credit Unions to build and manage an internal Cybersecurity team.

Our Core Values

With every project our team of Cloud experts and project managers work to understand your Credit Union’s unique needs and develop a tailored solution.

• Members first

• Protect Privacy

• Ensure Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity

• Work to enhance the Credit Union Community

• Community involvement    

Our Technology Partners

CUClouds is partnering with the leaders in the industry

Mission City FCU becomes first early adopter of CUClouds

CUClouds presents to Credit Union Executives of Northern California

CUClouds begins submission to NAFCU Preferred partner program

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Founder and CEO


A thirty year industry veteran, Michael brings a wealth of executive level experience to the strategic use and application of Information Technology to companies in a wide range of industries.


A successful entrepreneur and project manager he has built and led teams in IT operations, Public and Hybrid cloud deployments, Cybersecurity, national and international network deployments and Business Continuity planning.


His latest start-up, CUClouds.NET is a cloud based company focused on delivering managed hosting and Security-as-a-Service to Credit Unions.


Prior to CUClouds.NET, Michael was the Founder and CEO of Pangea Consulting, an IT outsourcing company which he ran for 25 years and grew to over 150 clients.


Before Pangea, Michael was Director of new Business Development for Stanford University’s Internet Service business where he worked with the National Science Foundation to expand the Internet to dozens of universities and high-tech companies throughout Silicon Valley.  He joined Stanford by way of IBM’s Almaden Research Center.  There he led the effort to securely connect the IBM corporate network to the very early stages of the Internet.  As part of that project he developed and ran the world's first firewall to allow scientists at IBM to access and use National Science Foundation supercomputers across the Internet to conduct their research.


Michael held various positions at other IBM locations including the Cambridge Scientific Center where he worked under the guidance of the group that built the VM/CMS operating system for the IBM System 370 mainframe.  While attending college Michael began  his IT career as a summer intern with IBM in Boulder, Colorado.


Michael earned dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Boston University.  He graduated with honors in Physics following his work at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories where he developed a holographic directional coupler for fiber optic communication systems.


Michael and his family live in San Jose, CA.  His hobbies include playing ice hockey, mountain biking, wakeboarding and snow skiing.  

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